From the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize 2013 the Silvana Arbia Foundation was born

From the Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize 2013 the Silvana Arbia Foundation was born

"The Board and all the members of the Silvana Arbia Foundation express their sorrow, gratitude and recognition to these great people: Ambassador Attanasio, Carabiniere Iacobacci and Mustapha Milambo who sacrificed their lives for choosing to be close to people living in suffering, risky and difficult countries such as Africa.
The Silvana Arbia Foundation, which works in the Democratic Republic of Congo to promote peace, build and support children and women, wants to overcome all fears and continue on its way

When Silvana Arbia was awarded the 2013 Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize (an award given to people who have distinguished themselves in the social field for peace), following her candidature presented by the Soroptimist Club of the Republic of San Marino, the decision was unanimous: that prize translated into 20,000 Euros, became the first brick of a Foundation that invests in the future of women and children in the countries of the Great Lakes in Africa in particular.
Silvana, a woman who accepted the challenge of working for almost nine years as a Prosecutor at the International Tribunal for Rwanda (I.T.C.R.), where she represented the prosecution against those responsible for the genocide of almost one million people, and then continued to deal with the victims of very serious international crimes as Registrar of the International Criminal Court. The first trial concerned the war crime of child recruitment.

The Objectives of the foundation: promote, support, build, collaborate

Now, because of the pandemic that has radically changed the lives of all of us, it has been impossible for us to carry out projects and support commitments we have recently made. However, the Foundation’s Board has promoted a competition aimed at students attending secondary school in San Marino and a lottery to create funds to be used in favour of mothers and child soldiers living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The students will have to write a letter addressed to child soldiers and/or prepare a drawing referring to child soldiers in the world. The Board wishes to make the Foundation and its objectives known, that is why we are asking everyone for SUPPORT and PARTICIPATION.


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To be paid by bank transfer made out to the Silvana Arbia Foundation, Bank: B.A.C. Dogana (RSM) IBAN: SM08B0303409800000060166843 SWIFT: BASMSMSMXXX